White iPad Mini Sold Out

October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Apple surprised no one when they launched their iPad Mini a few days ago. People eager to get their patty-paws on Apple’s latest gadget were able to pre-order at 3am ET this morning, and naturally (again to no one’s surprise), Apple is already sold out of their white version. Whether this was due to lack of preparation, or due to overwhelming numbers is only something we can guess, but if you really really want one, you can either wait for launch day (November 2nd), or try pre-ordering a black one.

On a more technical note, developers are probably heaving huge sighs of relief, seeing as any regular iPad app will also work on the mini’s 7.9″ display, due to its resolution being the same as the iPad 2 (1024×768 at 163ppi). At .68lb, it carries light, useful for when you want to use its 5-megapixel camera. It’s running the A5 CPU, and claims a 10-hour battery life.

As for why you would want one? Well, T3 reviewed its specs rather exhaustively, and concluded that they actually prefer the mini over its larger predecessors. I personally find that it’s slipping dangerously close to the galaxy note in size (though at least the iPad Mini isn’t pretending to be a smartphone), but hey, my cargo pockets are smaller (probably) than most, so it might suit you better. It would certainly be a space saver in a purse.

The 16GB wi-fi-only model has been selling at 329USD, and the cellular model will soon release at 459USD for the 16GB base model, and 659USD for the 64GB.