White iPad Mini Sold Out

October 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Apple surprised no one when they launched their iPad Mini a few days ago. People eager to get their patty-paws on Apple’s latest gadget were able to pre-order at 3am ET this morning, and naturally (again to no one’s surprise), Apple is already sold out of their white version. Whether this was due to lack of preparation, or due to overwhelming numbers is only something we can guess, but if you really really want one, you can either wait for launch day (November 2nd), or try pre-ordering a black one.

On a more technical note, developers are probably heaving huge sighs of relief, seeing as any regular iPad app will also work on the mini’s 7.9″ display, due to its resolution being the same as the iPad 2 (1024×768 at 163ppi). At .68lb, it carries light, useful for when you want to use its 5-megapixel camera. It’s running the A5 CPU, and claims a 10-hour battery life.

As for why you would want one? Well, T3 reviewed its specs rather exhaustively, and concluded that they actually prefer the mini over its larger predecessors. I personally find that it’s slipping dangerously close to the galaxy note in size (though at least the iPad Mini isn’t pretending to be a smartphone), but hey, my cargo pockets are smaller (probably) than most, so it might suit you better. It would certainly be a space saver in a purse.

The 16GB wi-fi-only model has been selling at 329USD, and the cellular model will soon release at 459USD for the 16GB base model, and 659USD for the 64GB.

iPhone 5 Announcement and Release Date

September 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Time to empty out the wallets once again! The tech-verse has been abuzz with the unveiling of the iPhone 5 at San Francisco, and everything about it shows Apple’s typical, thoughtful ingenuity, and attention to detail.

One of the most notable differences is the size. It has a 4″ retina display and is taller than its previous incarnation, but it’s also lighter and slimmer. The most interesting change is the new dock connector that they switched it to, a plug which they are calling the “Lightning” (reversible! No more fumbling around looking for the ‘up’ side when plugging your phone in the dark!). This will become the new charger for all of their future iPads, iPhones and iPods. This unfortunately means extra cash required for new, compatible car connectors, speaker docks, or other accessories that you’ve bought (not to mention adaptors). Other, more minor changes include the new location for your headphone jack, which is now on the bottom (sure to please some and displease just as many), and relocation of the camera, which is now just above the earpiece instead of to the side.

The iOS 6 that will come with the iPhone 5 has some features that are particularly noteworthy. The long-awaited new map navigation, for example; Apple, as always, has chosen to keep things within their own family, and has finally dropped Google maps after a long period of preparation. Apple’s new Maps app has a turn by turn navigation feature, satellite view, traffic information (all features that Google maps has, I might note), and Siri to navigate you on your way (though Siri haters might have a few qualms about that). The biggest differences are probably the vector-based layout – no more panel by panel loading on slower networks – and some prettier satellite views.
Another major feature is the new Facebook integration: an absolute joy for social butterflies, and a mark of doom for those with an abject dislike of the site. Developers will probably appreciate the feature, with easier ways to publicize and spread the word on apps with less advertising ability. For normal iPhone users, the feature means things like Facebook birthdays and events appearing on your calendar, or the ability to tell Siri to update your timeline. Posting camera photos and marking locations will also be made even easier.

Other note-worthy iOS 6 changes include some handy-dandy new call features, such as instant text message replies with a single tap, or a Do Not Disturb option; the new ‘Passbook’, which allows you to keep track of all your tickets (airline, hotel, movie, or otherwise), coupons, or loyalty cards on your phone (which will also note expiry dates or remaining balances for you); a new panorama ability with the camera (Apple finally decided to pick up what free apps could do ages ago); and iCloud Tabs, which is basically Firefox sync. Oh, and to top it all off, Siri has learned some new languages.

For the more technically minded, the iPhone 5 will feature an A6 chip, supposedly bringing your iPhone activities up to twice as fast as the A5, while still being easy on the power consumption (the Apple website claims 8 hours LTE browsing time, 8 hours talk time, and 10 hours video playback time). It also now has high speed LTE, and greater network support. The display has an integrated touch layer (with anti-glare measures) and meets sRGB colour specification. With it being taller, widescreen videos will be more pleasant to watch, too. Those who have used the 4S will note a smaller sim card slot, as the phone uses the nano sim instead of the micro sim card (UK carriers, including Three and Vodafone, are already stocking up on these tiny, tiny cards). The 8-megapixel camera with LED flash is now updated (maybe not enough for camera enthusiasts) with faster photo capture and better low-light quality. And finally, their old ear buds are at long last updated to a new form and fit (I sometimes feel that only a monkey would have found their old ones comfortable in any way), a change that has been long overdue in my opinion.

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 will not have the alleged laser keyboard and holographic images. Oh well.

Engadget managed to get their patty-paws on one, so if you’d like a more detailed description or more pictures just follow this link.

Pre-orders for the iPhone 5 began on September 14th (out-doing even the 4S with a whopping 2 million pre-orders within the first 24 hours – that’s twice the number 4S achieved!), and the announced release date for this latest Apple gem is September 21st. I shudder to think of the line-ups on launch day. Maybe getting one a little bit later wouldn’t be so bad, after all.

HTC Tips and Tricks

August 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

With technology it’s the little things that make a device intuitive and user-friendly, and HTC developers incorporated a number of abilities into your smartphone that make it an even easier experience than it already is. Since some people may or may not know about these, I’ve compiled a list of small tips and tricks that are handy to learn and know about. Note that some of these are Android-wide, not just HTC.

1. Smart Dial
- Instead of scrolling through your contacts list, you can simply type the name of the person you want to call. Enter the dial page and begin typing the name. For example, to search for “John Smith”, simply begin typing “5-6-4-” for “Joh-” or “7-6-4-” for “Smi-”. The more letters you type, the more the contact list will filter.

2. Settings Widgets
- You can add various settings widgets so that you can change certain settings more quickly and easily without having to go into the settings page and searching. For example, you can change your sound set more quickly from normal to silent, or you can adjust the brightness with a simple tap. There are also widgets for if you need to quickly enable/disable your wi-fi or mobile network.

3. Ringtone Mute
- To mute the ringtone of an incoming call, simply turn your phone upside down, or press the ‘volume down’ button.

4. Word Suggestion
- If you use word suggestions, you can drag any of the suggestions that appear to a more convenient spot if you prefer. Simply type the word, tap and hold the suggestion you want to move, and drag it to whatever position you wish.
5. Quick Scroll
- To scroll more quickly through long lists, flick the screen down so that the small gray scroll bar on the right appears. Then press and hold the bar and move it up and down. It will scroll through the letters of the alphabet so that you can quickly access any letter. Scrolling with two fingers also achieves the same thing.

6. Home and Date
- Tapping the home button once will take you back to your main screen, but tapping it twice makes all of your screens appear so that you can navigate to each one easily, without having to flip through all of them. You can also do this by pinching any of the screens.
- Pressing and holding the notification bar will make the date appear on the top left.

7. Browser History
- If you press and hold the ‘back’ button when in your browser, a page of recently visited websites will appear.

8. Text Forwarding
- Texts can be forwarded easily if you simply press and hold the text message, then tap the ‘forward’ option in the menu that pops up.

9. Notification Sounds
- Any music you add to your ‘Music’ folder can be used as ringtones, but not as notification sounds. To add custom notification sounds, connect your phone to your computer as a disc drive, then drag and drop your files into the ‘Notifications’ folder. You can change your default Notification Sound by going to Settings >> Sound Settings >> Notification Sound

10. Menu and Search buttons
- Pressing and holding the Menu button while in an app will make the on-screen keyboard appear. The function will vary from app to app.
- Developers often add a functionality to a long-press of the search button. Try it in any app and see what it does!

11. Secret Screen
- One last tip for the more advanced users, or those who care a little more about your phone stats. If you dial *#*#4636#*#*, a concealed screen will appear that shows information about your phone, including battery life and usage stats.

And that’s all we have for today. Hope some of these were useful for you!

Windows 8 Release Date

July 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

Microsoft has finally provided a release date for Windows 8. Steven Sinofsky announced that it will be available on October 26th, 2012. It’s unclear whether this will be a global release date, but details will probably emerge eventually.

Windows 8 is available for $40USD if you’re upgrading from an older version of Windows, while those who bought brand new computers with Windows 7 after June 2nd can get the upgrade for $15USD. Otherwise, the price will probably be relatively expensive. Microsoft showed their beta of Windows 8 a while ago, and people who have played with it since then have given mostly favourable reports on it. (We showed a glimpse of it in our Lenovo Yoga post.) A video preview can be found on the Microsoft website here.

Source: Microsoft


@PurelyGadgets Hourly Deals Summary Day 1

June 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

If you wasn’t able to tune in to our Twitter feed yesterday for Day 1 of our PurelyGadgets hourly deals, don’t worry as we have a summary of the offers available right here on our blog!
9am: Gunnar Optiks SteelSeries Scope Gaming Eyewear £69.99

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11am: HyperDrive iFlashDrive for iPhone / iPad / iPod 8GB, 16GB and 32GB available from only £59.99 http://tinyurl.com/d254vov

12pm: Gomite Magnetic Tiltpod for Digital Camera or iPhone only £12.98

1pm: Replay XD 1080 Action Camera £269.99 using PromoCode ‘EXTREME10’ at checkout http://tinyurl.com/7aufobr

2pm: SurfEasy USB Plug In Privacy Key £59.99 Security & Freedom in your own Personal Web browser  http://tinyurl.com/d2ec48y

3pm: FREE Delivery for FathersDay using PromoCode ‘GADGETDAD’ at checkout

4pm: Vaja Leather Cases for iPad 2 Hand crafted using the finest Argentine leather £89.99 http://tinyurl.com/bo9qb4p

5pm: GoPro Floaty Backdoor last few In Stock only £13.99 Hurry!

6pm: Pivothead Video Eyewear Durango and Aurora Available £25 off Pre-Order #PromoCode ‘PIVH25’ http://tinyurl.com/crqlc6z


@PurelyGadgets Hourly Deals All This Week!

June 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

This week on our @PurelyGadgets Twitter feed, we will be posting great deals on the hour every hour from 9am until 6pm until Friday the 15th of June! Stay tuned to our Twitter page for great deals all day everyday so you can save yourself £££’s.



TV Sales Soar in Anticipation of Euro 2012

June 7, 2012 in Uncategorized

Euro 2012 kicks off tomorrow and the country will be awash with football mania. Hundreds of fans will be flocking to support our boys in Poland, but the majority of us will be supporting from British shores.

We have seen huge amounts of support already as Brits prepare themselves for the 32-game competition with a whopping 88% increase in searches for six top-of-the-range smart TVs in the week leading up to the tournament.

Samsung is the telly of choice, with their 42” 3D model the most searched for on PriceRunner.co.uk. Smart TVs are also taking off in a big way, with three major models being in the top ten most popular sets.

Not only are we devout in our support of our team, but football truly is the national past time. Whether you’re a football fan or not, there are some great TVs available to watch a spectacular summer of sport, and onPriceRunner there’s a set to suit every budget.

Source: PriceRunner


Samsung Galaxy S3 First Look Review – AvorahTV

June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Check out the new Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung’s latest and most hyped up smartphone offering. Will it be better than its predecessor the Galaxy S2? Watch the video below to find out!

Source: AvorahTV


Lenovo Ideapad YOGA Upcoming Release

June 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Tablets today offer a versatile alternative to mobile electronics, bridging the gap between the smartphone and the more prosaic laptop. But sometimes, you just can’t decide which one you want to invest your money in. There are whole forums of discussion on the advantages and disadvantages on either one, though the question often boils down to the simple matter of what you’re going to use it for.

It’s the job of manufacturers to solve the problem for those who simply can’t decide, and Lenovo has taken up the task with great ingenuity with the release of the Lenovo Ideapad YOGA that transforms easily into a tablet. With 10-point touch on a capacitive touchscreen, it can easily match the functionality that makes a regular tablet so versatile (except maybe size and weight), while at the same time carrying all the benefits of a regular laptop (namely greater computing power and a standard windows OS). The YOGA is far from the first notebook-tablet hybrid, but its ingenuity stems from its 360 degree, dual-hinge flip design, a highly flexible setup that is obviously what it was named for. It carries at 3.1 pounds at 17mm thick and a 13.3″ screen. It is also promised to have an 8-hour battery life and has been designed to run Windows 8, so logically should be released around the same time. Lenovo’s modern design extends to the chiclet keyboard and leather wrist rest when in notebook mode.

With a supposed release in the second half of 2012, hopefully the YOGA will be a viable solution for the many who simply can’t decide between a notebook or a tablet, although the possible price of £1,200 for the basic model – a few notches above original estimate – might make some wince at the dent in their wallets.


Three raising prices this July, for contract and mobile broadband customers

May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

Consumers all over the country (myself included) will be receiving a text today to let them know Three will be raising bills. The price increase will be coming with the summer on July 16th and be just as hot.

A scorching 3.7% increases in line with the increase in inflation (based on the Retail Price Index (RPI)). This will affect those on phone contracts and mobile broadband customers, who bought before the 8th March 2012. If you are on Pay-as-you-go, a business customer or SIM only, you will not be affected.

For those who are crying to the heavens for someone to save them from this increase, sadly there is not much that you can do. That long contract (that you may or may not have read) states that they can increase the price once every 12 months. If you think Ofcom can save you, that is a no no aswell. Under Ofcom rules operators need to give 30 days notice (which they have I received my text earlier today) so consumers have time to cancel.

Although you may want to get the pitchforks out and try to run Three out of town, there isn’t much that can be done about the price increase. For most people it will be an additional £1 a month (one less bottle of juice).

So get ready a price increase is coming and they may not be the only network to do it.

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